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Team Samurais is a martial arts gym located inside TeamSam fitness studio. It is a martial arts system that combines modern fighting & self defense techniques with a traditional method of learning. 


Members of our gym get full access to every class in the facility. This includes the strength training and bootcamp workouts of the TeamSam main gym. All classes are coached by a personal trainer.  Simply put, we want to develop student who are they best physically and mentally.


Our Three Main Objectives:

- Develop the confidence and will power that is needed to succeed in an ever increasing stressful world.

- Become stronger mentally and physically through exercise and fight training.

- Learn life long skills that can lead to victory in sport competition, academics and careers.

Our gym is a blend of modern and traditional. Students wear gi uniforms while in select classes, show respect to each other, and move through levels under a strict belt system. Certain classes do not require a uniform and are more fitness related. Team Samurais strives to present martial arts in a way that is devoid of gimmicks. No Dragons or Yin Yangs.

Students will learn a hybrid of disciplines that include hand techniques from Boxing, Kicking techniques from Taekwondo and Muay Thai, and even basic take down and self defense techniques of Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.

Members will be encouraged but not required to compete in various disciplines they enjoy like boxing, kickboxing, Taekwondo, etc. 

The end goal of Team Samurai is to develop students who can one day become leaders. In the gym, at school, and any avenue of life they go. 

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